Monday, December 17, 2012

Shoes.. Cougar Town.. and Karaoke

 This weekend I had so much planned and I was running all over the place. I started my 3 day weekend off by going to NYC on Friday. I went there with a plan and that was to specifically go to Mood to purchase this leopard fabric I'd seen on their web site. From there it was off to find the right pair of shoes to go with the look I was going for but couldn't seem to find any. Finally when I get back to South Jersey, I'm in the mall and spot these super duper cute red shoes but they don't have my size. I'm heated and hate my foot size at that moment but then the sales girl says King of Prussia Mall (KOP) has them and another store. Well when she checks KOP, they don't show my size so she says the next closest store is in NYC (as I hollar and scream in my head, "I just came from there and saw nothing"). The bad part is they didn't have it in the red I was looking for and only had black. Well me being me, I was determined to get those shoes so I called up there and told them to hold the pair for me and I'd be up there in the morning to get them. I paced all night long asking the question do I want them bad enough. Well guess I didn't because I over slept and didn't even hear the damn alarm. I woke up 2 hrs after my alarm was supposed to have gone off and from there my day was set- this told me I wouldn't have a good day. 

In my head I did the math as to the time it would take me to get back up there and back for the 1st event I had planned- a fashion event I thought was in Philadelphia but actually wasn't. So Saturday morning started off with me waking up late. Next I had to finish my sister's dress for her party later in the day then finish mine. Once completed I was in the car ready to head to the fashion event. When I map quested it I saw the event was in Asbury Park, NJ and not Philly. Man I was heated!! I sat in the car for about 15 mins looking at the directions and screaming "I'LL NEVER MAKE IT IN TIME!!!" I was so upset at the fact that I couldn't attend that event and swore that for now on, all events I'm invited to I'll map quest them 1st so I don't have this issue again. Mad at myself, the only thing I could do was finish my Christmas shopping :(

 Night fall came and I was ready to head to Philly for a little karaoke and food for my older sister's pre-bday celebration. We had so much fun and people who said they weren't going to sing actually enjoyed themselves and had the mic all night.. It was hilarious. Now a few key points about my sister: She's a mother in her 30's, has an old soul and wouldn't be caught dead in something skin tight. Well I got her in to a fitted dress and some shoes!! She looked amazing and had everyone turning their head out of shock because they had never seen her in something so fitted. She's usually an around the way girl- casual, loose clothing and sneakers/flats. I enjoyed my night and I'm glad she enjoyed it as well. Hope you guys like the pics :)

This dress was the inspiration for my outfit and the thing that started me on this crazy journey.

The material I found to make the dress

 Here are the shoes I wanted to get but had to settle with an old pair I had (bottom right) :(

My sister at her finest!! This is a gold/champagne colored dress with ruching on the sides (that aren't visible). I should've told her to put her hands on her waist so you can see it a little better.


The craziness of the night!!

This is how the outfit turned out

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!!
As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones

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