Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A mod kind of day- Stocking and sandals a faux pas?

So yesterday I posed the question whether or not you'd wear open toe sandals with stockings in the winter. Many said yes and that they had done this. I've always seen it done but never was that much of a risk taker to actually do it (as if I'd be scared when I take MANY risks, haha). But I must say, I liked how it looked in the shoes I modeled at the store and like it now. Hopefully people don't think I look like a granny in these sandals, lol. You know how your grandmother wears her taupe stockings with her beige sandals all year round- bad feet, bones sticking out every which way, nail polish broken up- YES, you can see this thru their sheer stockings :). But I decided to pair these sandals with this striped dress I bought from H&M. It's a perfect match if I do say so myself. I didn't want to go over board with the look so I kept it minimal with the accessories and hair. I'm always skeptical at what people will think of what I have on. I have to get at least 3 likes before I feel I've accomplished what I was going for- and I've gotten this- YIPPEE!!! The trend caught on when fashion designers displayed this look on the runway but in their version, they used socks instead of stockings. Well I'm NOT wearing just socks in this weather, so opted to NOT take that plunge and be so daring. Here I've shown other ways of wearing the look (sandals with socks/stockings). Remember, it's only a fashion faux pas if worn incorrectly and you're not confident in the look. Start the trend amongst your group because you may inspire others to rock the look- I know I have.

Socks With Sandals
On the runway, I think it’s sort-of cute, the whole school-girl inspired socks trend. And on Barbie, it looks just adorable. But in real life, very few can pull off this trend. And often when they try, it’s disastrous.  

Is it chic or just plain ole granny looking and you'd never wear it?

Longer, thinner socks, bunched loosely at the ankle will create the illusion of a longer leg and thinner ankle; visually balancing a thicker leg- Fashion Assist

Sandals: DSW- Report (just bought this summer)
Dress: H&M (can't find it on their site)

In the work cafe getting some breakfast

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
As always, your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

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