Friday, November 30, 2012

A blazer can make ANYTHING pop?

TGIF!!! This week went by rather fast if you ask me. In the midst of working, I have so much to do this weekend. I'll be working on another over garment with ruffle sleeves as well as 2 other people's projects. Phew!!! But like I've said before, sewing is my therapy :). So I wanted to show how a blazer can kind of vamp up any outfit. Do you think this is true or false? I wore this look to work but I should tell you that the dress code is "business casual". I did get a few joking comments from 2 of my male colleagues about wearing a t-shirt. They joked how I could get away with it simply because I paired a collar shirt underneath it and also because I was a female (they claimed they would never have gotten away with this because they're men). Ha! If you style it the right way and it's not sloppy looking, you can get away with a lot of things :). So what do you think? 

Jacket: NY&Co
Button up: H&M 
Shoes: DSW but get the looks Here, Here, Here or Here
Tee: I forget if it's Walmart or Target but get the look Here 

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
As always, your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1st birthday onsie

Thank goodness it's Wednesday!! The work week is almost OVER and I'm so ready for it to be. Last night I finished a project that I'd been taking my time on- a little girl's birthday outfit. She'll turn 1 next month and this is what her mother wanted her to wear on this day. I have to admit, I'm in love with it and between you and me, it kinda makes me want to have a little one of my own- but then I come back to reality and realize, I'm reminded that I like giving kids back to their parents, lol. This is a cream, lace onsie which has a turtle neck and front ribbon and ruffle detailing. Check it out..

 Front view

A better look at the lace

I have to admit, I wasn't fond of the gold ribbon detail but it stuck on me and now I think it makes the outfit. 

Back view

Oh yes, it has snaps in the crotch area :)

Hope you enjoyed the look!!

As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OOTD: Color blocking once again :)

I can remember using this term to describe my sister at one point in time, "You look like a Puerto Rican with all those colors". Now it's fashionable to wear colors you wouldn't normally pair together. Yellow and hot pink; Lime/Kelly green, hot pink, blue; Purple and Yellow; and the list goes on. In today's world, it's celebrated and you're fashion forward if you master the "Art" of color blocking. Me, I'm fairly new to this but you wouldn't know this when looking at me. I was asked today, by a co-worker, if I pick my outfits at night or when I wake up because I'm always so pulled together. Well I usually pick them out at night so I don't have to rush in the morning with trying to figure out what I'm wearing- as I'm always hitting the snooze button to get a couple more minutes of sleep in. In the end, I think I pulled the look off nicely- what do you think? And to all wondering if I'm an AKA, the answer is NO :) Sorry, never pledged but if I couldn't I would've probably been a Delta.

Shirt: Target found Here
Sweater: Old Navy but get the look Here
Shoes: DSW but get the look Here, Here which are the same as mine but don't think I paid this much or Here

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
As always, your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

Monday, November 26, 2012

OOTD: Gathered upholstery skirt

Happy Holidays folks!! Well it's Monday.. Back to the hustle and bustle of the week. Hopefully this week will go by fast for everyone :). Today's look is a skirt made from what I think is upholstery fabric, but it may just be a heavy wool. The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced it's upholstery. I bought this material from a warehouse store in Philadelphia called Jomar. I love their fabric b/c it's CHEAP! But I wasn't supposed to by this- I was just in for one thing and happened to see this sitting in their bin ready to be put away and said I have to have it. So with that said, I made this cute little flirty skirt out of it. I made it last night before I went to bed and I so LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE how it came out- the poofyness of it (now I know this isn't technically a word). I'm such a last minute person, meaning I usually make my clothing (for myself) at the last minute before something important. I know I need to get out of the habit of doing this, but I figure, hey, I can make it, so why rush. Didn't have a photog in my presence, so had to take the pics myself today.

Shirt: NY&Co
Shoes: Nine West (old)
V-neck tee: Strawberry (which is kind of like Rainbow- but BETTER)


Ughh there was something on the mirror and didn't notice, lol. 

I so love this owl necklace. I ordered from the above named person off of Facebook and received it a week later. I get a lot of compliments from it. 

Hope you enjoyed the looks!!
As always, your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Politics over Love/Lust?

So last night I asked the question on my page whether or not you ever see someone and think they're cute but then you read more and see their political views and suddenly they're no longer cute? Well like I said, this happened to me and I'm now rethinking the whole cute thing. Lol, call me crazy but it was something I read on their Facebook page which made me frown at them and quickly leave their page. It all happened when I read more about what they said regarding the election and how disrespectful he sounded to the President being re-elected. Well this sent a smoke signal and I was ready to crawl out of my skin and come find this man to knock him over the head with my stocking full of marbles- don't judge me! Ughhh, ignorance is just not the way to go about your life but I understand people have a right to their opinion- however dumb and idiotic it may be coming out of their mouth. I could care less that he obviously voted for the other candidate b/c again, everyone's views are different and that's understandable. But with that being said, you don't have to down talk the next or make it seem as if with the current President, the world is headed to hell and we're all doomed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the person who will get involved in politics and all that stuff. I won't begin to lie and pretend I know all about it and follow it daily (only when something major happens) so this "rant" isn't to talk about how much more involved and knowledgeable I am. But the fact of the matter is, I really lost all interest in this person and I never even knew him. What's sad is, I never want to get to know him as a result. 

As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones

Monday, November 19, 2012

Crazy weekend: Weddings and babies and trips... OH MY!!

So it's Monday- now what does this mean? Time to start the work week all over again and pray for Thursday to hurry up and arrive (Thanksgiving and mainly b/c NO WORK!!) This weekend was very hectic and rushed. I was in a panic trying to get someone's wedding outfit finished and to their liking. It was so cute and she loved it :)! That's always what I like to hear. I went up North Jersey to visit my uncle and also found time to start a new cute project: A lace baby onsie. Like I said, the weekend was hectic but I got almost everything accomplished. 

The look:
Sheer overlay, gathered in the front and back
This dress was made for an Islamic wedding

This is the baby onsie made in lace. How cute is this thing. When finished, it'll have a turtle neck along with it. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!!
Your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ignorance vs discrimination against the Muslim faith

It's Friday, so that's a good thing. But I can't go on today without sharing what happened to my sister yesterday. So is this just ignorance or just plain ole discrimination? My sister is a practicing Muslim woman. Now with that being said, I’m not sure if that’s the correct terminology (to say she’s practicing) as she’s been that way for a couple of years now. But before I get side tracked with that she went to renew her license yesterday at the dreaded DMV and was told to remove her khimar (scarf). She refused to do so but they insisted and somewhere along the lines there was confusion as to why she couldn’t take her picture with it on. The woman told her “they don’t do that here anymore”. What DON'T they do? And why was that even mentioned? She asked to speak with a supervisor and they also refused her saying she had to move the scarf off of her hairline and show some hair. She also iterated what the previous representative said by telling her to take it off then put it back on. Now my sister is no fair weather Muslim- meaning she wears the scarf at ALL times and doesn’t just take it off when she feels she doesn’t want to wear it in public. She's always garbed up or totally covered (clothing wise) and hides behind the front door to open it if she’s not presentable (head wrapped, etc)- so why would she even do such a thing in PUBLIC and take off her scarf. The supervisor then asked her if she wore it for religious reasons. How dumb is that to ask this question to someone who obviously looks like a Muslim woman. The scarf isn’t just wrapped around her head like Jill Scott’s was in her “Getting in the Way” video or whatever video she wore a scarf twisted in the back. It’s very unfortunate for my sister that I wasn’t there b/c had I been they would’ve heard it all and we would’ve been on the news that night! I would’ve made a scene for sure. She’s more timid and doesn’t invite confrontation into her life but I’m the very opposite of that and if something needs to be said, I’m the one you go to to have it said. I told her she needs to contact the news station and have NBC 10 Investigators come out there and investigate this b/c it was very much discrimination. I on the other hand am not Muslim and I feel bad for my sister and never want her to be ashamed of her faith b/c she’s a Muslim woman. I try to assist her in defending it but people these days are just plain ole stupid, ignorant and just don’t know. They make me want to shake the stupidity out of them. My guess is they just set themselves up for a pretty lawsuit. Please, if you’d like to comment on this, let me know your thoughts about this issue. 

Traditional head wrap
Non traditional Muslim head wrap

People, please wake up! 
As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's a COLOR BLOCKING kind of day folks!!

After seeing a picture of a guy dressed in 3 different, vibrant colors, I decided that today will be a COLOR BLOCKING day. I found this sweater that I've probably only worn 3 times since I bought it 3 yrs ago and paired it with a high waist peach colored skirt that I featured Here. Now anyone who knows me knows I like to stand out and b/c of that I chose to add this yellow belt to give a pop of color :). My sister took these pictures and asked why I had on so many colors. When she does this, she usually makes me rethink my outfit choices b/c she's the "norm" and I'm "corky and different". But I stuck with my decision and here's the outcome. 

I felt like a "teeny bopper" from the 60's with my pony tail and full skirt. That was the compliment of the day.

Sweater: Old Navy (old)- Get the look  Here
Shirt: H&M (old)
Blazer: NY&Co 
Earrings: MeryemsGifts
Belt: DSW - Get the look Here  
Shoes: Forever 21- Get the look Here

 The white blazer was to give another "pop" of color

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
Your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OOTD: BCBG dress and my Mary Janes

So it's off to work for me and this is my outfit. Immediately my sister asks if I have a hot date or something. After telling her I didn't, we proceeded to snap away. Came into work today to the same questions regarding me having a date. I guess this dress, accessories and shoes are too much for the work place huh- go figure. But if you dress it up with a cute bright colored blazer, is this better? Guess we'll just have to see for next time. Until then, here's my work outfit of the day :)

Dress: BCBG old- Get the look Here
Necklace/Earrings: Meryem's Gifts
Shoes: DSW old- Get the look Here or Here or Here (these are cute)
Ring: Gifted
Bracelet: I forget but I'm thinking H&M- also old

I'm a Gemini and this ring was handed down from my aunt who passed away. I like to think it was meant for me since it has the sign of a Gemini- the twins. I paired the look with my 3 colored Mary Jane heels that I seem to can wear with just about ANYTHING. 

My job usually has vendors come in and sell their product so they have tons of jewelry vendors in there on a regular. The necklace was bought from the same person who sold me my studded/spiked clutch shown Here and it also comes with matching small chandelier earrings (not shown but I'm wearing them).

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
Your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OOTD: Polka dot baby doll dress with pleated skirt

So I found this cute little dress at Target and had to have it. It came with a studded pink belt, which I found to be a little different and just as cute (as it gave the look a little edge). I paired the dress with (not the shoes shown) a pair of peep toe heels but since I'm at work and have to walk around to assist people all day, I paired it with a pair of polka dot flats. The weather yesterday was wonderful for a dress like this but hey, I bought it, so have to wear it sometime right. Today is such a drab day that I just want to be home, sewing :) but have to make my money some how and keep you all entertained. During the shoot for this look, my sis told me she had a pair of glasses that would go with the outfit (mainly b/c they had a little touch of pink in them, lol). I told her I didn't like them but she insisted that I wear them in at least one picture. As soon as that picture was taken, I quickly removed them hahahah.. Looking at the picture now, I think they look cute with it or maybe it's just the pose I did with them, hee hee. Any who, enjoy your day all!! 


Dress can be found Here


 I also got this necklace from Target

These are the actual shoes I'm wearing today. Both are from Payless =^). I tell ya', Payless is coming up in the world bu the name should be changed b/c just like the thrift stores, Payless' prices have increased insanely. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
Your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

Monday, November 12, 2012

Today's OOTD: Sweat shirt with faux leather ruffle sleeves

 I saw only one other person with this shirt so I searched out to find it- partly so I could make it for myself :). One night 2 wks ago, I was doing a little internet surfing and came across the new website of a FB fan page that I like. They now have a website and I found cute items on there. The shipping time was quick and it was here in about a wk. I bought this shirt along with a pair of shoes. The thing about this shirt is that you can "funk it up" and "dress it up". I really like the "funky" look too but next time, I'll pair the look with a pair of army boots (reminiscent of Doc Martens)

Photo on the left details:
Shirt: Shoxie found  Here
Shorts: Forever 21  (bought last summer)
Stockings: Walmart  (on both looks)
Cutout sandals: Nordstroms but sold out. Get the look Here and CHEAPER
Clutch: Meryems Gifts

Photo on the right details:
Shoes: Nine West (old)
Necklace: Avon (who'da thunk it) :)

 The funkier version

The dressier version of the shirt.
Hope you guys enjoyed the looks,
your resident sewaholic, Sincere Jones :)