Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OOTD: Polka dot baby doll dress with pleated skirt

So I found this cute little dress at Target and had to have it. It came with a studded pink belt, which I found to be a little different and just as cute (as it gave the look a little edge). I paired the dress with (not the shoes shown) a pair of peep toe heels but since I'm at work and have to walk around to assist people all day, I paired it with a pair of polka dot flats. The weather yesterday was wonderful for a dress like this but hey, I bought it, so have to wear it sometime right. Today is such a drab day that I just want to be home, sewing :) but have to make my money some how and keep you all entertained. During the shoot for this look, my sis told me she had a pair of glasses that would go with the outfit (mainly b/c they had a little touch of pink in them, lol). I told her I didn't like them but she insisted that I wear them in at least one picture. As soon as that picture was taken, I quickly removed them hahahah.. Looking at the picture now, I think they look cute with it or maybe it's just the pose I did with them, hee hee. Any who, enjoy your day all!! 


Dress can be found Here


 I also got this necklace from Target

These are the actual shoes I'm wearing today. Both are from Payless =^). I tell ya', Payless is coming up in the world bu the name should be changed b/c just like the thrift stores, Payless' prices have increased insanely. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
Your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

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