Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Ups and Downs of the Grammys dress code

So this year the CBS sent out a memo to all Grammy attendees stating they wouldn't tolerate any bare skin-- saying "Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack." (TMZ source)

There was so much under, side, over boobage going on that it was ridiculous. I'm sure the executives for CBS lost their minds when they saw NO ONE abided by the dress code they ATTEMPTED to set forth. My guess is that the memo went out a little too late for those who'd already had their dress picked out. I'm sure they weren't about to have their handlers roam the earth to find another dress for them. At least they put forth an effort and this was the most clothed any of them has ever been. Per a CBS rep, " "All wardrobe selections passed our standards, if only barely." (TMZ source)

Welp, so is the life of a celebrity. There were a lot of hits and tons of misses. Here's a look at a couple of looks...

 Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra Couture

Katy Perry in Gucci
Now this was my 1st Best Dressed celebrity of the night. I LOOOOOOOOOOVED this look on Katy and thought she looked simply gorgeous in this mint green gown but there were others who thought differently. From the above picture, you can clearly see what the runway model looked like in this dress vs Katy. The slit isn't as showing and huge as it is on the buxom Perry. Here's just a taste of the bad press this dress brought Katy- "But what a fashion fail statement she made tonight! Katy Perry’s Gucci Green dress wasn’t unpleasant by itself, it just didn’t do her body any justice and was in no circumstance eye – pleasing. Outside the boudoir or the privacy of one’s home."( Style Frizz source) I'm still trying to find out how she got her girls to stay up at attention.

Adele in Valentino
Now most people hated Adele's dress but I kind of liked it. I may not have paired it the way she did but all in all it was a cute dress. I'm coo coo for coco puffs anyway, so that would fit right in to my style. Get some bohemian hair and I'm "ret to go". I keep telling people Adele is really a 47 year old mum of 3- there's no way she's only 22.

Beyonce in Osman Yousefzada
I've checked out this designer's work and he has a lot of great Ready to Wear pieces. This outfit was a far cry from what we're used to seeing Mrs Carter in. I liked it but there were some who didn't simply b/c it was a pants suit (jumper) worn by the "Give me body" singer.
 Solange Knowles in Ralph & Russo
I'm in love with this hair. Solange can do NO wrong lately. 

Janelle Monae in a Against Nature vest and shirt, a Moschino jacket, a Ralph Lauren hat, and carrying a Jimmy Choo clutch.
 I so love her style and the reason behind why she dresses this way. She's such the "cool cat". Nice to see her in sandals instead of her regular oxford flat.
 Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia
There was much talk that Rihanna's Grammy dress was see thru and that she "peek a boo'd" a couple of people with her nipples. I was fearful for her during her performance tribute to Bob Marley. I'd forgotten she had that tattoo underneath her breasts and kept thinking I was seeing under boobage. I was sure they were gonna pull the plug and it would be "nipple gate" all over again just like Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. 
Taylor Swift in Roberto Cavalli
I liked her performance outfit. Hmmm, maybe I'll make a penguin tail blazer like this.
 Nicole Kidman in Vera Wang
Now in my opinion, I thought this dress washed her out. The hair was limp and she's as pale as can be. I wasn't impressed with this look on her but others seemed to like it and put her on the Best Dressed list. In the words of the "Men on Film" fellas, HATED IT!! 

Alicia Keys in Azzedine Alaia
I wasn't fond of this dress on A. Keys. Maybe because of the city slicker hairstyle. I kind of wished she'd worn it blown out in the bob with a side part-she would've been rocking then. This underboobage didn't help her either during her performance. I felt she channeled a little Sheila E with that number (since she was behind the drums and not her normal piano) I kind of enjoyed that fact.

 Ashante in Tony Ward Couture
She just looks like she's trying too hard. Maybe she was looking to make a statement…Unfortunately, it was just the wrong one to make (Perez Hilton quoted source)

 Estelle in Genelle Brooks x Love Collins
Now I'm a little torn with Estelle's look. On one hand it's cute but on the other it's a bomb. What do you guys think?

Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello
Now here's another outfit I was torn with. I liked it and disliked it all in one and others followed suit. She did however show the world that her thighs are toned and not to be messed with. All night this was her stance and I'm not sure she even knew she was posing the whole time. Let that leg go limp girl- as it stayed straight the whole night. They did manage to get a great shot of her sitting with it crossed. All in all, I'm still torn :(.

 Florence Welch in Givenchy
She looks like a reptile to me in this dress.

Kimbra in Jaime Lee
Can you say, Tinkerbell?




There was something about this look that rubbed me the WRONG way. It looks a little disheveled- possibly the pant. Or could it be the jacket? Is it ill-fitting? I can't quite put my hand on it but I don't like it.

Justin Timberlake in Lanvin
I love Justin and all but I wasn't a fan of this jacket pattern. 

There were tons and tons of more hits and misses but hey, I don't have time to show everything. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
As always, your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

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