Monday, January 28, 2013


Again, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this weekends contest. I had a great time hosting it and I know everyone's been on pins and needles awaiting the results. Welp, in between my sewing last night, I decided to tally up the contestants and check to see who completed everything. I couldn't stress this enough when I said to make sure I could see the share on your page (because out of all the shares, there were 6 I couldn't see). But I asked a random person to pick a # from 1-20 and they chose 11. From there I checked my notes to see who's email/name that was and I chuckled. It never fails that the winner is always someone I'm talking back and forth to about not seeing the info on their page. After that winner was chosen, I don't know, I must have been in such a good mood, that I asked them to pick another #, in which they chose 4. The reason I asked for them to choose again was because I thought "how great would it be that there were (2) winners??" One would get the big pocket skirt and the other the skirt w/ or w/o the bow, since I couldn't decide on which one to do

Now for your winners..


Both of these ladies have been contacted and are enthused about their winning. Congrats ladies and thank you to everyone who participated!!! Like I said yesterday, I hope you'll want to stay connected with my pages because of what I do and not for the sake of the contests :). I like doing these Giveaways and think I'll do one every month- that is if I'm not too busy.

Here are the looks these ladies won:

Kia Chambliss
(Again, you can choose to have the skirt w/ or w/o the bow- your choice)

Ebony Halty

The only thing I ask of you ladies is that you send me a picture of you in the skirts.

On a totally different note, I am presently booked and will not be taking any new projects until after February. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones


  1. Congratulations! Super excited to see your pics!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!.......another Sincere Jones look to add to my collection :)