Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year.. Same me!!

Welp, it's a new year and we're still here. Did the Mayan's have it all wrong? Was it just a hoax set a long time ago, to have everyone in a panic? If so, it kinda worked hahah. The good thing is that we're still here! The holidays were good to me- hopefully they were good to you too. Now it's back to the grind for most of us. I finally found this shade of lipstick I'd been looking for and have to say, "I LOVE IT!!!" It's so bright and I only seen it on the lighter skinned woman which made me think it would NEVER look good on me.. But for once, I proved myself wrong because I think it looks wonderful. The 1st couple of days of wearing it out, I used just this shade ("Divine" by CoverGirl) and it was a little overwhelming to me but people seemed to like it.

Today, I paired it with this Avon shade, called "Perfect Plum".

I used the Divine shade inside of my lips and the Perfect Plum shade on the outside and this was the result. 

At the start of the year I began my quest to make some sweater jackets and they came out beautifully. I'll be making more in the future in EVERY color, fabric, whatever. I caught the "feeva"!! LOL!! I wore the burgundy one yesterday (didn't post) and I'm wearing the blue and white one today. I paired it with a pair of jeans, boots, a tee, vest and hat- I was feeling "grungy" today. I look as if I'm a roadie in a band =^/  (exactly how I wanted to look).  I'm completely in love with these sweater jackets and will be getting more fabric over the weekend to make more. Like I said, when I find 
 something I like, I make multiples, hahaha. Just in case you missed them, here they are: 

Here's today's look:



Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!!
As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones

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