Monday, January 7, 2013

And the winner is..........


Good Morning all! I hope this weekend hasn't been too hectic for you as I suspect some have been on pins and needles wondering about this contest. But at last, it's over!! The winner was picked by one of my co-workers at random from a list of numbers. And just because it's me, I decided to make it even more interesting and have them choose ANOTHER name. Yes, you read correctly, so there are 2 winners in this contest. The winners are..... (drum roll please) 

Teeonna Richardson-Jones
Saheedah Lambert 

I really wanted everyone to win but I can't be making 20 FREE wool sweaters for all of you, no matter how much I wanted to, sorry :(. I would like to think everyone who participated in this contest and now that I've seen the buzz I received from it, I'll definitely be doing it again. Hopefully you guys enjoy the looks you've been seeing on my page and want to remain fans of it (not just for the sake of the contest).

So once again, you ladies have won the following sweater jacket (belt NOT included):

Rock it well and send pics via email or post directly on Sincere Jones' wall!! 

Congrats again to the winners!!!
As always, your resident sewaholic, 
Sincere Jones

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  1. I can't wait to post pics with this beautiful jacket thanks sincere #excited