Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's a CONTEST people!!!

As you all may or may not know, there's a contest going on and may the best woman or man win!!! I will be giving away a FREE, yes FREE sweater jacket just like the one you've seen me in this week. I tell you, I absolutely love it and have received tons of compliments on it. I was out today buying the fabric for the free one and received nothing but love when I walked in. This sweater is definitely a show stopper, hahaha- or maybe it's just the fabric because now that I think of it, if it were done in another, would it be so lovely?? Hmmm, that's something to ponder... Now I hate to think of the other fabrics I bought to make for myself. Will they get as much buzz as this one? We'll cross that bridge when we get there I guess. But getting back to the contest, one lucky winner will receive this same sweater jacket, in the same print (if they want). I will reveal the winner on Monday, Jan 8th by email.

All you have to do is follow 3 simple and easy steps:

SHARE the pic on the Sincere Jones Facebook page
LIKE the Sincere Jones Facebook page

I will be tracking all those who do this and the winner will be chosen at random (so that it's fair, someone else will be choosing the winner). When sharing the picture on the page, I can't stress this enough, please make sure your setting on the shared picture is set to PUBLIC. If it's not, then I have no way of knowing you actually shared it (since I'm not a friend of yours) and this will hurt your chances. Just a reminder of what you'll be getting:

You may not notice but this gold/mustard colored shirt I'm wearing is actually a dress shown here and here.

You guys are lucky.. I snagged the last of this fabric today and also picked up this blue to make another one of these. Whoo hoo, WINNING!!! Lol, it's meant to be!!

Oh and one last thing, the belt's NOT included. Come on now, I can't give it all to you :). I will post the winner on the page once they're notified. All that I ask from the winner is that they send me a picture of them rocking look. It would be a shame to have someone win this and never see it on them (I like to see my customers in the outfits I've made for them- even if they aren't picture people). Well I don't know about you guys but I'm super excited.

Good Luck!!
As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones

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  1. I love both fabrics n I won!!!! Yaaaa me...all smiles