Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mazol Tov and all that good stuff!!!

YAY!!! HE'S HERE.. HE'S FINALLY HERE!!! My sister just gave birth to a baby boy!!! Time to do the dougie in her honor lol. It seemed like she'd been carrying for the whole year- just like elephants do- but she was sooooo small. Welp, she finally did it :) Horray!! This will make 2 girls and a boy. I like to think of myself as the "cool" aunt. You know there are tons of people who claim this as their title. I just know I am though. They always want to chill with me and come over- or mabe that's because they don't feel like being bothered with their mothers, hmmm. I've been hoodwinked!! But that's neither here nor there because in my heart, I know I'm the BEST and funniest aunt there have :). Yes! I'm self proclaiming my title. Now here's where I get questionable. I'm not really fond of children when they 1st come out of the whomb. To me they have no definition in their faces and all look the same (alien-ish) but I know I'm wrong for that :( I have to give it a couple of days before I'm on the bandwagon saying  "Awww, they're so freakin crute". But this from the woman who has NO children. I'm gonna learn one day, huh (in my comedian voice- You gonna learn today!!)  I say, Mazol Tov to all the mothers out there and fathers doing their job :). And welcome to the world baby Cameron!!
As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones