Monday, December 10, 2012

Asos dress and a night to remember :)

Afternoon folks!! Today's a dreary one. So I informed yall on Friday that I'd be going to my sister's work Christmas party and boy oh boy did I see some things. First let me start off by saying I had a great time and I'm never disappointed when I go. There's always something to talk about with her group of co-workers and I end up having her in stitches from the laughter. They had a band called "Velvet Elvis" (no they don't play Elvis songs) who played nothing but 80's rock n roll so you know all the middle aged women there were ready to peel off their underwear and throw it at them, lol. This is the scenery I was in, hahah, can't you just picture it.. You look around the room and EVERYONE is dressed in their best 21 year old party dress (sparkly spandex dress- thigh length- with strapy sandals), even the 40/50 year old's. Chile, they came to PAR-TAY!! Then there were some dressed like 16 year olds bout to go to their cotillion. In the mix of it all, there were a few people who caught my eye, that looked cute enough to mention in the best dressed category- I even took a pic.


Rubber band man- The spouse of my sister's co-worker who gets the party started. This man is so damn limber and moves like he doesn't have a care in the world. I told my sister that this is the only time he gets to get out and cut a rug so he saves all of his energy for this night and this night only!! LOL

Bada Bing- This man looks like a mafia hit man. Lol, seriously! He wears a button up shirt with the top 2 buttons undone and a gold cross around his neck. He looks like one word from his "colleague" and you're swimming with the fishes.. HAHAHAH

The mad hatter- This woman comes in wearing a red/black bandage dress with a mimi red/black sparkly top hat. It's strategically propped on the side of her head and secured there with a band that goes around her chin.

There were tons more of characters but these were the ones worth mentioning. All in all, I really enjoyed my night and I'll be saving the date for next years soiree.

Here are the pics of the night. I wore a dress I ordered from Asos- the one I said on Wednesday/Thursday, that my sister (shown below) liked better than the polka dot/flower dress.

Dress: Asos
Jacket: NY&Co
Belt: DSW
Clutch: PNK Elephant
Shoes: similar Here

My older sister- this was her work party

The back exposed

I saw this woman and wanted to take a pic of her because she looked really cute. Good hair, good dress, good everything!! :)

My desert plate after I picked thru it

The dance floor

The band "Velvet Elvis" rocking out

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones

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