Thursday, December 6, 2012

Asos- Polka dots and flowers

Burrrrrrrrrrrr!!! It's brisk out today ladies and gents so bundle up. Last week I ordered 4 pieces from Asos and couldn't wait for them to arrive. I received email alerts tracking my shipment and when it didn't arrive on Tuesday, I was sort of disappointed- in a funk you can say. But yesterday, while at work, I received the final email alert saying my shipment had been delivered and I was elated. You know that feeling you get when someone has a present for you and you know what it is and just can't wait to rip it open? Well that was my feeling. So I get home and immediately I'm in my room trying on outfits. My sister was around so I modeled them for her, hee hee. I showed her this dress you'll see below and she immediately disapproved of it. I was shocked- I could do no wrong with my outfits, so I thought. But then I tried on another dress (that I'll probably wear to her work's Christmas party) and she seemed to like that one. 

When getting dressed this morning, I showed her the final look, this time pairing the dress with a white, crisp, tuxedo shirt but she still didn't see a different. All in all, I said I'll still wear it because I like it. Hey, I'm out there and like to explore different looks. It may be too busy for some but others may like it just fine :) In the end, I ended up keeping 2 out of the 4 looks. The other sizes were bigger than I thought, so back to the UK they go. Here are the looks:

Today's looks were taken by my nephew's mom. She was in a rush though so couldn't take the usual 5-6 (so I can pick from) :(

Belt: DSW 
Dress: Asos
Rings: Claires
Booties: Forever 21 
Tuxedo Shirt: H&M but similar found Here

More and more I find that when I look at it maybe the belt should go? What do you think?

I'd originally paired it with a red belt but clearly you see it didn't go

A better look at the tuxedo shirt

Hope you guys enjoyed the looks!!
As always, your resident sewaholic,
Sincere Jones

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